Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Dr. Shroff’s Embryonic Stem Cell Technology

Dr. Shroff is an infertility expert and she is the very first individual to develop an infinite number
of pure human embryonic stem cell lines from using just one embryo. Her partnering physician
and anesthesiologist is Dr. Ashish Verma.

Dr. Shroff’s treatment is ground breaking. Every day we hear about other treatments around the
globe regarding stem cells (fetal, umbilical cord, nasal, rats, mice etc.) and Dr. Geeta Shroff has
developed the only purely human embryonic stem cell lines that do not show any immune
reaction in the body. Embryonic stem cells do not have any antigenic proteins on their surface
and thus do not require immunosuppressant drugs. Dr. Shroff’s technology involved the use of
just ONE embryo. During her laboratory research she only used surplus embryos from an IVF donor who underwent a barrage of tests including a complex medical history and genetic

I will provide my best explanation of Dr. Shroff’s HESC Treatment below.

The text is partially extracted from Dr. Shroff’s book Human Embryonic Stem Cells: A Revolution in Therapeutics. In the laboratory, the sperm fertilizes an egg, which then becomes a zygote. These stem cells have the highest degree of plasticity and can develop into any cell—not only into an embryo, but also the surrounding tissues, such as the placenta. The term used to refer to these stem cells is totipotent. Thirty hours after an ovum is fertilized, the zygote begins to divide. By the fifth or sixth day, the cells form a blastocyst. These stem cells are somewhat less plastic and more specialized than the zygote. Those on the outer surface of the blastocyst develop into the placenta and other tissues that surround the fetus, while those inside—referred to as embryonic stem cells—become the cells of all the fetal organs and tissues. Such stem cells can differentiate into any of the more than 200 types of cells in the body and are referred to as pluripotent. The embryonic stem cells do not show any immune reaction as they do not have antigenic proteins on their surface. They also are able to multiply rapidly.

Dr. Shroff’s revolutionary and highly secretive technology enabled her to develop a method to extract these embryonic stem cells and create stem lines in a totally pure human product. An example of a stem line created in the lab is a neuronal (nerve cell) stem line. A patient with a
neuronal disorder affecting the brain, spinal cord, or nerves would be administered neuronal
embryonic stem cells from a neuronal stem line. Stem lines created in the lab have ―homing-in capabilities so that once they are injected into the body, they ―home-in to the injury site, or
damaged cells that need repair.

When injected, HESCs can repair the affected area in addition to restoring the physiological functions of the affected area. HESCs have no capacity to fully form a new organ. Once HESCs are injected into a patient, the division of the HESCs is finite, which means over a period of time uncontrolled division is not going to form tumors. Over five years of treatment, Dr. Shroff and Dr. Ashish Verma have not found any negative side effects in their patients. In simple terms it can be said that the complete effect of HESCs transplanted into a patient is closely linked with the time frame of the human embryo’s development. This is including nine months of gestation; and then the growth of a new born baby after delivery up until five years of age. After the baby is delivered, the functioning capacity gradually increases as it would in a growing child. Milestones take place in a newborn growing into an infant and critical functions are required for the child to progress such as environmental factors, physical (motor) factors, and educational factors (learned mental development). Although response results in patients are seen immediately after transplantation, the embryonic stem cells continue their developmental process as per their pre-programmed time frame.

In my case scenario, I might be experiencing slight changes in my body now, but as the stem cells “home in” to the injury site in my body, they differentiate and fire up the affected tissue and their neurons find new pathways to reconnect the synapses and the damaged tracts. I will have to be patient with my treatment in that I may not see results for several months or even two-to-five years down the road.

All of Dr. Shroff’s patients generally become healthier and suffer fewer bouts of infection. Their body resistance to infection increases. The earlier a patient starts the human embryonic stem cell therapy, the faster the chances are for recovery (I have 15 years to work on as opposed to others who are more newly injured). In progressive and degenerative disorders the early start on stem cell therapy helps in stemming the disease or stabilizing the patient. Once stabilized, patients do show improvement.

Every patient I met in the course of my two month stay showed improvement of some sort. In addition to showing improvement, amazingly, people looked younger. A Parkinson’s patient named David from Perth, Australia, grew dark eyebrows in three weeks; his eyes became sparkly; and his speech came back with a thick English accent, which his care giver hadn’t heard in sixteen years. It was simply remarkable to roll into the hospital everyday and exchange stories on what muscle or body part was beginning to function again…something unheard of until my visit to Nu Tech Mediworld in India. I witnessed three patients suffering from motor neuron disease (like ALS) and had been given a few months to live. With all three patients, they are stable, their condition isn’t worsening, and they are seeing slight improvements (regaining speech, strength, breathing capacity etc).

I met many other patients from around the globe. Several were from Australia, three families were from Hong Kong, and other families came from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, and Korea. The patients’ illnesses or disabilities ranged from Spinal Cord Injuries; Parkinsons; Stroke/Alzheimers; Motor Neuron Disease/ALS; to Diabetes/blind. Some of Dr. Shroff’s other Indian patients suffer from Cerebral Palsy, autism, heart conditions, traumatic brain injuries, and cancer to name a few.

It should be known that Dr. Shroff seeks no financial gain from her treatment beyond her hard financial costs. US$30,000 for a two month treatment (which included accommodations for me and a care giver) is appropriate given the cost of medical treatment around the world. It should also be stated that Dr. Shroff provides free treatment to the majority of her Indian patients (80% approx.) who have absolutely no money. I am not sure if she has a scholarship program with a sliding scale in place…or if Dr. Shroff might consider this option for future patients residing outside India.

The human embryonic stem cell treatment has been used in a number of conditions in clinical trials. All have shown progress of some kind. To name a few: Autism; mental retardation; liver disorders; degenerative nervous system disorders: alzheimers, parkinsons, multiple sclerosis, motor neuron disease/ALS; cerebral palsy; traumatic brain injuries; various skin disorders; auto immune disorders—lupus; genetic disorders—down syndrome etc.; eye disorders; kidney disorders; musculoskeletal disorders—Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy etc.; spinal cord injuries; and cardiac

Counter to research and opinions worldwide, Dr. Shroff’s technology avoids
controversial and ethical issues:

By using ONLY one human embryo to create innumerable stem lines that are pure, thus negating the use and destruction of many human embryos; cloning procedures; or the use of any animal stem cells such as those found in mice or rats.

Human embryonic stem cells do not create any immune reaction in the body, as they do not have any antigenic proteins on their surface. This negates the need for immunosuppressant drugs.

Human embryonic stem cells have the highest degree of plasticity and are ‘pluripotent’ meaning they have the capability to differentiate into any of the more than 200 types of cells in the human body (including all blood types). Both fetal stem cells and adult stem cells under the right circumstance can be pluripotent if they are derived from the donor’s own body. The possible challenges of immune reactivity make these cells impossible to be used in auto-immune disorders.

To my knowledge Dr. Shroff is the only person in the world who has conducted successful clinical applications on humans since the year 2002 on over 300 patients suffering from incurable ailments with zero adverse reactions. Dr. Shroff has filed for a patent in both India and the United States, which covers 126 countries. It is out of her hands and she is waiting for their response.

With my layperson’s understanding, part of Dr. Shroff’s battle with medical communities and
worldwide pharmaceutical companies comes down to the financial factor of those companies
losing money. Billions of dollars are spent with drugs to ―band-aid treatments, and Dr. Shroff
has the ultimate cure for many illnesses. Dr. Shroff does not claim to be an expert in every field
but has specialized in infertility and stem cell treatment. She is a humble yet brilliant individual
who will not allow such adversities to affect either her or her mission.

I encourage you to do your own research, see with your own eyes, and you too will be amazed by what is happening. I and many others are living proof that her treatment is working!

In Summary

Please read:
• a description of my medical history since sustaining a spinal cord injury; and
• a list of the noticeable changes in my body that have taken place over the past two months since receiving HESC Treatment.

Please keep in mind that I have sustained a spinal cord injury and paraplegia for 15 1⁄2 years— since February 27, 1992. During that time, my disability has remained stable. While I have not regressed, I have definitely not shown any progress with muscle power or return of sensation. I have kept my legs supple and alive with regular massage and occasional acupuncture and acupressure, which contributed to my overall well-being.

In the years that I have been injured, I have paid attention to standing in a standing frame and keeping my heel cords stretched. Over time I noticed that my nerve burning pain increased. Standing in my frame intensified the pain to an excruciating level, which caused me to take a break. Within twelve months of my injury (1992) I also began a gaiting program at Craig Hospital with aluminum leg braces. As months went on, I ceased to use my leg braces as they weren’t functional in my daily life and I had some serious falls. Needless-to-say, with Dr. Shroff’s treatment I now have a reason to get back up, stand and use leg braces as my legs come back to life.

My active life-style was also a plus in keeping my body fit and in-shape. I cross-country ski and I am a downhill ski instructor in the winter months. In the summer months I hand-cycle, water-ski, and walk my dog Tucker every day.



  jeannine eckles wrote @

I am very interested in having this stem cell treatment for my parkinson disease. I would like to know more about what this treatment has done for parkinson patients.

  Connie Michalik wrote @

Dear Amanda, I am very interested in your progress, I think my son, Richard Castaldo, a Columbine shooting victim is interested in going to India to begin the program. One thing caught my attention, your gaiting program at Craig Hospital. When I asked if Richard could do the gaiting program, and as a matter of fact Chris Reeve asked the Hosptial on Richard’s behalf as well, they flatly refused! I am not kidding, they said that it was a waste of time on a complete injury, he is a T-4. I just wondered is you had a comment, Craig Hospital has not really been much help to Richard at all, and I have heard a lot of others say the same thing.

  seth wrote @

I was wondering what the best way to contact and setup a surgery at this hospital would be. I am a complete t8 and have no feeling below that but my spinal cord was shocked not cut. My motorcycle accident happenned in sept of 07. Is there a us call center for this hospital?

  Kim wrote @

Congratulations Amanda and thanks for publishing this information. I just watched a young Australian man on TV telling of the benefits of Dr. Shroff’s treatments. I’ll be looking into it myself. My injury is fairly recent, 7 months since the injury. Incomplete T7. I’ll also discuss it with my Neurologist. Are you aware of any patients, while you were there, suffering side-effects?

  Anita chavan wrote @

my autistic son needs help.can stem cells thrapy treat him?

  Euclides – Brasil wrote @

Very interesting the process of Dr.Geeta Shroff and more still interesting the work that the doctor does with people who live in India who does not have financial condition to treat, it is just that people in globe return contribute with the Treatment and its stay for two or three months that is.

Great work, hugs

  sittie asia wrote @

i had experience a blasting accident that lead me to have a spinal cord injury level 1 -2 ncomplete, coz i co uld walk with the aid of a walker… i just lost my sensation below of right knee.. and it buckles thats why im having a hard time to walk with the used of a cane… coz my standing balance is not that good…i really wanted to try that embroyonic stem cell but i dont have enough money to sustain all the expenses… pls help mee… i really wanted to walk again…

  Marie Hill wrote @

Hi There,

i have been looking into Dr Shroffs treatment after hearing about it a few days ago, my mother has motor neurone disease and i believe Dr Shroff has managed to help several people with this condition. I wonder if you could tell me the best way to contact the hospital, and an idea of the costs involved, so we can see if this is a viable option. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  harun wrote @

my father was suffered by storke and soon after he failed to stem sell tjeraphy would hespeak clearly as like before?

  jay ahmed wrote @

my father had mnd and he took the plascenta tablet what the doctors gave him and at my opinion it did not help him at all i dont know whitch one it was if there is different ones but if i research i could find out as i am begining to know more than i did an as i look more into it the more i find out pitty my dad did not have the internet as am sure we could of done better

  Rebecca wrote @

I would like Dr Shroffs contact information as I have an acquired brain injury

  kushalashok wrote @

My mother was recently diagnosed for Diabetic Retinopathy. She has already been given laser treatment in both of her eyes. But still, the vision is blur. She is a patient of Diabetes type2, diabetic neuropathy. We want to get her treated by using stem cells, but I don’t have any idea that what would this treatment cost and how much time will it take. I would also like to have your contact no, address so that I can take an appointment.

  Isabel wrote @

My uncle has ALS now they’ve inserted a tube in his nose and mouth to breath and eat I would like to know if he can try something to prolong his life or if it’s to late can a family member donate anything to help cure him from this disease. He also has diabetes but besides that he’s been always a strong healthy man who never drank or smoked please let me know

  anoop wrote @


  irum wrote @

my uncle 40 yrs old is suffering from muscular dystrophy . he is seeking for some treatment how much benifit will he gain from stem cell therapy

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