Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Indian Visa Application


Information on a company that expedites Visas:   

International Passport Visas, Inc.

Toll Free:  1800-783-8472

Tel:  303-753-0424 

They are very helpful over the phone.  Fill out the online Visa Application Form from the Consulate General of India–the International Passport Visas, Inc. website has the direct link, which will take you off-site to complete the form.   When you are finished, print two copies of the form, then close that window and return to the International Passport Visas, Inc site.   I applied for a 5-year visa (tourist—medical patient) 

Cost is $99 for the expediting service and they will walk you through the fees online.   

According to Rusty (paraplegic from Grand Junction) and Kathy Leech, who just had their 10 year Indian visas expedited and returned within a week:   

“I FedEx’ed our applications, fees, and passports to International Passport Visas in Denver, they ship it overnight to San Fransisco to their office which walks it through the Consulate General of India for one-day turn around.  Then it is shipped back to us.  Much more reliable and speedy!” 

Another expediting company:

Zierer Visa Services: or email


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