Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Links to Other Patient’s Blogs: Kasie Burtard, Rusty Leech, Ryan Mclean, Louis Miceli, Leah Potts, Amy Sher, Monica Goulette, Shannon Davis, Luke Smith, Perry Cross, Ashley Thomson, etc.

Visit patients of Dr. Geeta Shroff from the United States and other countries who have created amazing blogs recording their journeys to India:

USA Patients

Kasie Burtard:

Shannon Davis:—a-blog.html

Monica Goulette:

Rusty Leech:

Ryan Mclean:

Louis Miceli:

Leah Potts:

Amy Scher:

Luke Smith:

Other International Patients

Claire Anderson:   (Australia)

Perry Cross: (Australia)

Ashley Thomson: (New Zealand)


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  syed wrote @

my mother is suffering from als
is there treatment through stem cell

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