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Hospital Packing List: Items to consider bringing with you…

Items to consider bringing with you to make your trip more comfortable…

Note, this is an “over-the-top” comprehensive list.  I purchased a few items in Delhi from either Khan Market, Green Park Market, or Defense Colony Market.  I am storing many items in a container left at the hospital for my return trips.

Sewing kit

Matches (purchase in Delhi)


Candles (I like a little ambiance in my room)

Bread board (purchase in Delhi)

Large knife

Paring knife

Can opener


2 mugs (purchase in Delhi)

drinking glasses (purchase in Delhi)


Face washer

Tea towel

Dish washing detergent (purchase in Delhi)

Dish washing brush

Laundry detergent (purchase in Delhi)

Emergency pack for diarrhea

Delhi Travel Guides

Delhi Map (locate one in Delhi–the Paper Shop at Khan has them for FREE)

Dove Soap – 1 bar

Refresh Eye tears

Hand sanitizer

Several packages of Backpacker’s Pantry Outdoor Gourmet food or Cuppa Soups when you tire of the menu at the hospital

Tupperware containers (purchased in Delhi)

Extra coat hangers

1 pair scissors

Travel Scrabble


For the ladies:  Panty Liners & Tampons (best to bring from home) 

2 travel plugs + voltage converter

Travel hair dryer

Clothes line and clothes pins

Sink stopper/plug

Wheelchair tool kit

Watercolor brushes, paints, paper for the artist in me…

Notebook/journal/writing paper

Computer/mouse/mouse pad/cords/cables/webcam



Travel pillow for airplane

Soft feather pillow for sleeping in hospital

Soft Blanket to snuggle (especially for winter months in Delhi (Dec/Jan/Feb)

DVDs to play on computer

Ipod/charging cable with headphones

Indian cell phone/charger (purchase at any Nokia or cell phone store–there are thousands in Delhi.  This is the cheapest way to make both local and international calls–I have a Nokia phone with a 2 year Airtel plan).

Wheelchair gloves (essential for rolling in streets of Delhi)

Tissue travel packs

Baby wipes

Vitamins (especially Probiotics)

Massage cream

Eucalyptus oil (to breathe in when smoggy – I dab some drops on a hankie or scarf)

Small emergency first aid kit

Tea Tree Oil Ointment

Facial soap


French Press with ground coffee

Toiletries:  large toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, razors


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