Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Photos Amanda PT May, 2008

Chavi presses against my knees so I can stand without braces.

Standing without leg braces–I crumble if Chavi doesn’t support me!

Balancing on my knees with a light pressure on Chavi.  I’m getting stronger!

Walking on my knees–a marked improvement!

Ripping the tape off my back after three days and an Epidural Catheter Procedure.

The tape is off.  My back is itchy.  A five-inch epidural catheter is in my back…and is about to be removed by a nurse.

This sign hangs on the entrance to Nu Tech Mediworld:  HERE PRE-NATAL SEX DETERMINATION BOY OR GIRL BEFORE BIRTH IS NOT DONE:  It is a punishable act!


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