Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Hope for Amanda

Stem Cell Treatment Expenses–How to budget


PROJECTED EXPENSES for a one-month visit                             

  • Stem Cell Treatment for one month at Nutech Mediworld: $15,000
  • Airfare or Mileage for international round-trip flights to India @ $2,500 each or 80,000 United Miles for an economy class ticket
  •  Airfare or Mileage for two caregivers: $5,000

 Misc. Expenses:

  •  Food @ $20 per day for caregiver and me x 28 days visits: $560
  • Telephone/cellular telephone costs: $500
  • Transportation/taxi expenses ($15/day x 28 days): $420
  • Medication costs: antibiotics etc. $500
  • Physical Therapy at home for ongoing treatment: $  5,000

Total Expenses: $29,480





  Cathy Harrell wrote @

I have known Amanda for 5 year’s. My husband and I share a condo in Co. She is the most ‘beautiful’ person!! On the ‘inside’ as well as ‘outside’!
I am fortunate to say that we have developed ‘one of the most rewarding relationship’s that I shall ever experience in my lifetime!
My husband say’s…”That if you would read this article” you trully couldn’t have a “CLUE”–what it feels like to wittness a “Miracle” and many more…in your life time.
All I can say, Amanda–certainly thought she had nothing! to LOSE, but what has transpired within her ‘whole’ being…is nothing short of a miracle!!! We have witnssed…..AMANDA BOXTEL….!

  Connie Michalik wrote @

Hi Amanda.

I would like to know how to arrange for my son to get this thereapy. How do we start? He was a Columbine shooting victim.

Connie Michalik

  Miracle wrote @

Amanda.. I am in tears at the moment. I know we have lost touch.. but this is AMAZING.

HUGS! -Jenn

  Lynn K wrote @

Amanda is one of the most inspirational person I have met. Her personal journey has opened doors for so many others and she brings light, love and hope into every being she encounters.

If you are having a bad day, take a moment and watch one of Amanda’s videos, you will quickly forget your sorrows and realize how much you already have and how much this young woman has had to regain.

Support Amanda and the others from our area who are seeing great results from this research. Support and speak out LOUDLY to our government to change our healthcare system so that treatments can be offered here in our own country.

Help make a difference. Follow a leader.
Follow Amanda

  Desai Rashmi wrote @

I want contact informatin for Dr. Geets Shroff. I am suffering from sjogern’s syndrom and want to try this put. Thank you.

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